Koran: God Made Women Inferior to men 11/28/2015

1. Allah made men superior to women, Koran 4:34: Men are superior to women on account of the qualities with which God hath gifted the one above the other.
2. Women are property, like a field, for men to plow whenever and however they like, Koran 2:223: Your wives are your field: go in, therefore, to your field as ye will.
3. Men are a step above women, Koran 2:228: And it is for the women to act as they (the husbands) act by them, in all fairness; but the men are a step above them.
4. Rebellious wives are to be admonished, removed from the husband’s bed, and beaten with a scourge, Koran 4:34: But chide those for whose refractoriness (rebellion) ye have cause to fear; remove them into beds apart, and scourge them.
5. Female slaves should not be used in prostitution unless they are willing, Koran 24:33: Force not your female slaves into sin, in order that ye may gain the casual fruitions of this world, if they wish to preserve their modesty.
6. Men are free to have four wives at a time, Koran 4:3: Marry but two, or three, or four; and if ye still fear that ye shall not act equitably, then one only.
7. Worldly wives are to be divorced, Koran 33:28: O Prophet! say to thy wives, if ye desire this present life and its braveries, come then, I will provide for you, and dismiss you with an honourable dismissal.
8. Allah promised Muhammad bad wives would be replaced by better ones, Koran 66:5: It haply if he put you both away, his Lord will give him in exchange other wives better than you, Muslims, believers, devout, penitent, obedient, observant of fasting, both known of men and virgins.
9. Wait three months to divorce an older wife, to be sure she can no longer bear children, Koran 65:4: As to such of your wives as have no hope of the recurrence of their times, if yet have doubts in regard to them, then reckon three months, and let the same be the term of those who have not yet had them.
10. Do not divorce a pregnant wife until she has had her baby, Koran
65:4: And as to those who are with child, their period shall be until they are delivered of their burden.
11. Women guilty of whoredom must be confined to their house until they die, Koran 4:15: If any of your women be guilty of whoredom, then bring four witnesses against them from among yourselves; and if they bear witness to the fact, shut them up within their houses till death release them.
12. A man may not remarry a woman a fourth time unless she is married to another man first, Koran 2:230: But if the husband divorce her a third time, it is not lawful for him to take her again, until she shall have married another husband.
13. Some believe the Koran approves of cohabitating with women
before marriage based on this passage, Koran 4:24: And give those with whom ye have cohabited their dowry. This is the law. But it shall be no crime in you to make agreements over and above the law.
14. A woman’s vote only counts for one-half of a man’s vote on a jury, Koran 2:282: Call to witness two witnesses of your people: but if there be not two men, let there be a man, and two women of those whom ye shall judge fit for witnesses.
15. A woman only gets one-half the inheritance of a man, Koran 4:11: With regard to your children, God commandeth you to give the male the portion of two females.
16. Touching a woman makes a man unclean, Koran 5:6: But if ye are sick, or on a journey, or if one of you come from the place of retirement, or if ye have touched women, and ye find no water, then take clean sand and rub your faces and your hands with it.
17. Touching a woman makes a man unfit to pray until he washes,
Koran 4:43 “O ye true believers, come not to prayer...If ye...have touched a woman, and ye find not water then rub pure sand, and bathe your face and your hands with it: verily God is Lenient, Mericful.”
Women must hide the curves of their bosoms, Koran 24:31: And speak to the believing women that they refrain their eyes, and observe continence; and that they display not their ornaments, except those which are external; and that they throw their veils over their bosoms, and display not their ornaments, except to their husbands or their fathers, or their husbands’ fathers, or their sons, or their husbands’ sons, or their brothers, or their brothers’ sons, or their sisters’ sons, or their women, or their slaves, or male domestics who have no natural force, or to children who note not women’s nakedness. And let them not strike their feet together, so as to discover their hidden ornaments, And be ye all turned to God, O ye Believers! that it may be well with you.
18. Women must hide their faces with a veil, Koran 33:59: O Prophet! speak to thy wives and to thy daughters, and to the wives of the Faithful, that they let their veils fall low. Thus will they more easily be known, and they will not be affronted.
19. Men may have sex with as many female slaves as they possess,
Koran 4:24: Forbidden to you also are married women, except those who are in your hands as slaves: This is the law of God for you.
Muhammad’s interpretation
“A should neither of them look at the genital parts of the other, as the Prophet has said, “when ye copulate with women of your own tribe, you must conceal as much as possible; and be not then naked, as that savours too much of the custom of asses” (5826 AL-HEDAYA Vol. IV, Hanafi Manual).man may view his wife or his slave in any part. It is lawful for a man to look at his slave girl in any part, provided he be not related to him within the prohibited degrees; and also at his wife in any part, even in the pudenda, if he please; because the Prophet has said, “Shut your eyes from all excepting your wives and female slaves.” Nevertheless, it is most becoming that a husband and wife

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