Koran: Jews and Black Faces are Condemned 11/29/2015

Koran: Jews and Black faces are condemned
Allah will not allow black faces in heaven,
Koran 3:106, On THE DAY when faces shall turn white, and faces shall turn black! And as to those whose faces shall have turned black.“ . . . What! after your belief have ye become infidels? Taste then the chastisement, for that ye have been unbelievers.” And as to those whose faces shall have become white, they shall be within the mercy of God: therein shall they abide for ever.

Black faces will mark those who lied on God,
Koran 39; 60: And on the resurrection day, thou shalt see those who have lied of God, with their faces black.
Muhammad’s interpretation

Muhammad called blacks “raisin heads.”
Al-Bukhari, Islam’s greatest scholar, said in the Hadith that Muhammad called black people “raisin heads” (Al-Bukhari, Vol. 1, No. 662 and Vol. 9, No. 256).

Jews are cursed by Allah. Among the Jews are those who displace the words of their Scriptures, and say, “We have heard, and we have not obeyed,
Koran 4:46.. . . . O ye to whom the Scriptures have been given! believe in what we have sent down confirmatory of the Scripture which is in your hands, ere we efface your features, and twist your head round backward, or curse you as we cursed the Sabbath-breakers: and the command of God was carried into effect.

Jews were turned into subhuman apes because they did not keep the Sabbath,
Koran 2:65: Ye know too those of you who transgressed on the Sabbath, and to whom we said, “Be changed into scouted apes: And we made them a warning to those of their day, and to those who came after them, and a caution to the God-fearing.

Jews are like an ass because they disobeyed God’s laws, Koran 62:5: They on whom the burden of the law was laid, and would not bear it, are like an ass beneath a load of books.

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