Some Wonderful Thiings About Old Age 11/21/2017

Moody Adams
Old age improves your ‘perspective.’ This means according to the Cambridge Dictionary as the ability: “To think about a situation or problem in a wise and reasonable way.”

According to a news release by McMaster University, “The aging process actually improves certain abilities: Elderly people appear to be better and faster at grasping the big picture than 20-year-olds.

Ana de Armas wrote, “My childhood memories are amazing; I had freedom in every way - but I see everything from a different perspective now.” The difference is in Youth we have a few years to look back on and form our perspectives, but in old age you have over 50 years to look over and form your perspectives.

Author Nina Keenam says she saw an ad that said, “For just $10 and a dollar handling charge, you could get a ring with mysterious powers to make money come to you. Yep, those powers worked for the advertiser, because everyone who ordered the ring put money right in his hands! Today in my senior years, I look at those cure-all ads only with curiosity.”

Old age enables us to look at things “in a wise and reasonable way” that we could not have done in our youth.

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