Sexual Discoveries Make Creation More Amazing 01/05/2016

When a man holds a baby, or even a baby doll, the level of the male hormone testosterone drops significantly.

A study by a team of Harvard University anthropologists, shows that testosterone levels drop significantly when a man holds a baby, or even a baby doll. Another study by a team of Harvard University anthropologists, also shows that testosterone levels drop after marriage. "It makes sense," notes Peter Ellison, professor of anthropology. "Lower levels of testosterone may increase the likelihood that men will stay home and care for their wives and kids, while decreasing the likelihood they will go out drinking with the guys and chase other women." "These results suggest that testosterone levels involve a trade-off between mating and parenting efforts," says Peter Gray. "Single men invest only in mating, while fathers decrease their mating efforts in favor of parenting."

When a man and his wife divorce and he becomes single, the testosterone level rises with his return to mating. People who play games with nature by hormone replacement could be reducing their motivation to parent their children and increasing their drive toward infidelity. That remains to be proven. What is certain is they increase the chances of cancer, heart attacks and strokes. The wisdom of God's work in creating the human body becomes more amazing with every new discovery. We can now add a new chorus to the Psalmist's song: "I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works, and that my soul knoweth right well" (Psalms 139:14)."For years, doctors were reluctant to promote abstinence with teens. They didn't want to preach, so they emphasized safe sex and condoms. But for a growing number of physicians, abstinence is in. Nearly half of America's high school health classes are advocating holding off on sex, and the message is moving from the classroom to the examining room."

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