Why God Allows Evil in the World 01/05/2016

by Moody Adams
USATODAY's headline says "Organized religion can't answer question of evil."
Organized religions try hard to avoid admitting that God created what we call evil--deliberately--and that they have no idea why."

If he were to turn to the Bible, which God gave us to answer such questions; he would find a clear cut answer.

Let me simplify the Bible teachings in this way. Understanding the difference between a puppet and a dog is the key.

God created man to love Him, but love can only come from a free choice. Simply put a ventriloquist can by a puppet make it say, "I love you." But he knows it is not real because the puppet has no free will to choose to love. His words are forced from the owner.

On the other hand he may buy a dog, love it and be rewarded with a show of affection, but then one day the dog turns on him and bites him. The dog has a free will. His affections are meaningful because the dog chose to reject his masterís love and bit him painfully.

God did not create puppets. He created man with a free will. But man chose to turn against the only thing
God forbade. He chose the knowledge of evil. He chose to obey Satan instead of God. Man created evil when he chose to follow the rebellious angel Lucifer. Thus evil came to earth and man lost his paradise.

Mr. Kiss, the answer to evil is it was created by a rebellious angel and a rebellious man, both of whom had free will and could nave chosen to love God.

If God had not given them free will, He could have never been loved.

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