Chuck Colson's Final Speech: How to Win the Culture (Hint: It's Not Winning Elections) 02/16/2016

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Want to change the culture? Well, as Chuck Colson told us, don't place your hope in elections as important as they are. Instead, look in the mirror.

Nearly four years ago, Chuck Colson walked onto the stage at the Colson Center's Wilberforce Weekend. Chuck didn't seem quite himself, as he had been recovering from an illness.

But the address he gave was vintage Colson. Surveying the cultural and political landscape, Chuck told the crowd, "What we are seeing now is the full fruits of 30 years of relativism, the death of truth, in the academy in particular, and in public discourse, and the coarsening of public discourse, [the] coarsening of politics."

And in words that ring so true today, Chuck said, "Everybody looks to the elections and thinks the elections will settle this problem or settle that problem. Elections are important. Whoever serves in office, it makes a difference what kind of person that is and what that person believes.

"But elections can't solve the problem we've got. The real problem that we've got is that our culture has been decaying from the inside for 30 or 40 years. And politics is nothing but an expression of culture. So . . . how do you fix the culture?"

And to do that, Chuck told the audience to look in the mirror.

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