Scientists Prove Jesus Rose From the Dead 03/01/2016
Jerusalem, March 31, 2013. After two years of intensive study, a conference consisting of nearly one thousand leading historians, archaeologists, and bio-chemists have concluded that a recent cache of documents and artifacts found buried near the Dome of the Rock prove conclusively that a Jewish prophet named Jesus was crucified by the Romans and rose from the dead.

“The DNA samples simply cannot be refuted,” said Nobel laureate Ronald Q. Symonson. “The evidence is overwhelming. Somehow this first-century Jew who was crucified by the Romans died and came back to life after several days.”

Even Richard Dawkins, the evolutionary biologist and confirmed atheist, had to admit the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection was as convincing as the evidence for the assassination of Julius Caesar.

“There is no reasonable doubt,” said Dawkins, “This resurrection of a first-century Jewish sage or prophet or what have you named Jesus is an historical fact.”

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