Girl Sets her Self on Fire to Stop Rapes 03/01/2016

Christian Post
A Yazidi girl held captive by the Islamic State terrorist organization set herself on fire, severely burning 80 percent of her body, in a desperate attempt to stop jihadists from raping her, a German doctor has said. (Her nose and ears were burned off.)

Doctor Jan Ilhan Kizilhan heads a project that has helped bring over 1,100 women and girls victimized by the militant group to Germany.

He recalled meeting a Yazidi girl at a refugee camp last August who had burns covering over 80 percent of her body. After being raped and tortured for weeks by IS militants.

Kizilhan told AFP that he has personally been told over 1,400 horrifying stories of how the barbaric terrorist group has brutally raped and abused religious minority girls and women who were captured and sexually enslaved.

Kizilhan told of one 8-year-old Yazidi girl who was sold eight different times as an IS sex slave and was also raped hundreds of times by IS fighters in a span of 10 months.


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