Xecuted Prisoner’s Final Thought: Heaven or Hell? 03/08/2016

CBS 60 Minutes
Lopez, was a crack dealer, when he killed Police Lieutenant Stuart Alexander during a high-speed chase seven years ago. It began as a traffic stop, when another officer pulled him over for driving through a stop sign. After a scuffle, Lopez drove off. Police put spike strips down on the road to puncture his tires. When Lopez veered to the right to get around the spikes he hit Lieutenant Alexander. Lopez said he didn't see the officer in time to avoid him.

Behind these walls, strapped to a gurney, Daniel Lopez made his final statement. He told his relatives and the family of the victim that he was sorry. Then he said, "I am ready." About a minute later the lethal drugs began flow into his veins. After about 30 seconds he lost consciousness.

Daniel Lopez said “The time to go is now instead of to get my kids more attached to me. I want the best for them.”

Bill Whitaker asked, “What do you think you'll be thinking?” Daniel Lopez answered, “If I'm gonna go to hell or heaven. If I'm gonna go to hell or heaven.”

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