4 Biblical Qualifications for Selecting National Leaders 03/14/2016

Moody Adams
4 Biblical Qualifications for Selecting National Leaders

America faces a crucial decision in selecting a new president.

The Bible, which American leaders are sworn in on, list four qualifications for national leaders. They are given to Moses about getting help in leading the Jewish people. Exodus 18:21 lists these:

“Thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear god, men of truth, hating covetousness;”

1. ABLE, people who are able men.

When you have a plumbing problem in your house, you want an able plumber to solve your problem. You could hope he is a good Christian man, polite and of proper speech. But when you look at his reviews on the Internet you want to find out if he is an able plumber. You will not select a plumber with no reviews of good plumbing work.

Americans are beginning to completely ignore this Bible admonition. They follow this in picking plumbers, but not in picking national leaders.

This is the first qualification, ahead of all others.

2. GODLY people who fear the Lord.
A person who believes there is a judge above them, who they must one day give account to.

An atheist does not qualify to be a nation’s leader.

3. HONEST people who are tell the truth.
A person who is honest may be relied on to make sincere decisions. A person who can be trusted to be sincere.

4. UPRIGHT people who will hate covetousness.
People who are not upright will take bribes of money, power or prestige. They cannot be relied upon to render decisions in the people’s best interest. Instead they will make decisions that will gain them money, fame, or power. They will leave office much richer than they entered office.

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