Growing Numbers Installing Computer Chips in the Hand 02/06/2018

UK - The Microchip Implant
Arno Froese, Midnight Call
The tiny bump on the back of Dave Williams’ hand is barely noticeable—most people would miss the rice-grain-sized lump between his thumb and forefinger at first. It is only when the 33-year-old opens his front door with a wave of his hand that it becomes clear something strange is going on.

Williams, a systems engineer at software firm Mozilla, is one of a growing number of so-called “biohackers” who are choosing to augment their bodies with technology. In Williams’ case, he chose to implant a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip into his hand out of curiosity.

New level of convenience is one of the biggest draws for those installing implantable RFID implants, and the number of people experimenting with the devices is growing. One manufacturer of the chips, Dangerous Things, told CNBC last year that it had sold more than 10,000 of them, along with the kits needed to install them under the skin. But as they become more widespread, concerns are growing about what the trend might mean for personal privacy and security.

BioHax International, which is supplying the chips to Three Square Market, says dozens of other firms around the world—including some multinationals—are looking to implement similar schemes in their workplaces.

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