Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Said Capitalism only Works Among Christians 04/05/2016

by Moody Adams
Speaking at the Lanier Theological Library in Houston, Texas on Friday, Scalia said the success of capitalism was deeply tied to the nation's religious values.

"While I would not argue that capitalism as an economic system is inherently more Christian than socialism ... it does seem to me that capitalism is more dependent on Christianity than socialism is," Scalia, a devout Catholic, said during his speech, according to the Houston Chronicle. "For in order for capitalism to work -- in order for it to produce a good and a stable society -- the traditional Christian virtues are essential."

Scalia denouced the government taking charity away from the church. "The governmentalization of charity affects not just the donor but also the recipient. What was once asked as a favor is now demanded as an entitlement," he said. "The transformation of charity into legal entitlement has produced donors without love and recipients without gratitude. ... It's not my place or my purpose to criticize these developments, only to observe that they do not suggest the expanding role of government is good for Christianity."

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