Target stock plunges as 1 million boycott 05/17/2016

Bob Unruh
Target elevated its social activism a week ago, boasting of a new policy allowing transgender “team members and guests” to use whatever restroom they like, and largely has remained mum on the issue since.

But its board members and stockholders might have something to say soon, as the company’s value has plunged billions of dollars since the announcement.

A boycott organized by the American Family Association over the company’s aggressive move surged past 1 million participants Thursday night.

But more importantly, they also affirmed, “Until Target makes the safety of women and children a priority, I will shop elsewhere.”

What do YOU think? Share your thoughts on Target’s Facebook page, use the Twitter hashtag #BoycottTarget and sign AFA’s pledge to boycott the retail giant.

Mark West at Patriot Post calculated the impact of the boycott. He cited statistics from Perfect Price, a database of credit card transactions, showing the average “dollars spent per trip by Target customers is $62.” “So I’ll use a very conservative calculation to extrapolate the impact of the #BoycottTarget petition so far. Assuming that the average customer makes two trips per month (a likely conservative number), and the signatures grow to one million (this was written just before that benchmark was passed), we arrive at $1.5 billion … in lost revenue annually to Target.”

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