My Experience With Muhammad Ali 06/07/2016

Moody Adams
I paid $5 to watch Ali work out in a Miami gym. In the midst of being hit hard by a big man, some one standing near me hollered, “show us that Ali shuffle.” Without missing a lick Ali replied, “man you ain’t gonna see the Ali shuffle for no $5.” Everyone got a big laugh.

I learned three things about Ali in a Miami gym. Ali was very funny. Ali was much bigger than I thought, he looked like some physical picture of a Greek god. And Ali was much lighter in color than I had thought.

Nation of Islam

Ali converted to the Nation of Islam. Minister Louis Farrakhan has led the Nation of Islam, a Black Muslim sect, for the past twenty years. He and his followers have expressed prejudice against whites, Catholics, the United States, and homosexuals, but their most extreme statements are directed at Jews. Farrakhan has said that whites are "blue eyed devils," that Jews are "bloodsuckers," that Jews controlled the slave trade, and currently control the government, the media, and various Black individuals and organizations.
The Nation of Islam rejects the essential Christian doctrine that Jesus is both God and man. Jesus "did not consider himself to be God or a son of God or equal of Him....Jesus was only a man and prophet of Allah."


The Nation of Islam has traditionally been Black supremacist. They labeled all people of European descent "White Devils" and only "potential humans". They believe the Jew is responsible for much of the evil done in this world.

Ali focused on traveling and proclaiming, “I’m just hoping that people understand that Islam is peace and not violence.”

Ali was opposed to violence in war, but made a career of violently beating men up in the ring.
Tomie Jones, sports writer said, “Boxing is brutal, ugly and evil, not a sport.” He said regarding a boxing match, “Incredibly brutal BLOOD BATH – ONE CAN ONLY COMPARE TO A SLAUGTHERHOUSE THE AMOUNT OF BLOOD THAT WAS SPILT.


Family members said now that Ali is dead he has gotten a wonderful new body and is at peace.
However his religion denied this. “Heaven and Hell. Members of the Nation of Islam do not believe in the hereafter, whether it be heaven or hell. "I have no alternative than to tell you that there is not any life beyond the grave.”

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