Liberal and Conservative Media’s 3 Terrorism Lies 06/14/2016

Moody Adams

Lie 1: There are ‘lone wolf’ Islamic terrorists.
All Islamic killers are members of a very tight fellowship: They have the same god, Allah; the same revelation, the Koran; the same prophet, Muhammad; the same law, Sharia; the same purpose, Jihad.

Lie 2: Most Muslims are peaceful.
There are no peaceful Muslims. There may be peaceful people attending the mosque, but they are not genuine Muslims.

Koran 9:39: " What! prefer ye the life of this world to the next? But the fruition of this mundane life, in respect of that which is to come, is but little. Unless ye march forth, with a grievous chastisement will He chastise you; and He will place another people in your stead..." (Allah tells his soldiers who do not want to fight that they will receive the chastisement of hell if they do not join the battle.)

Lie 3: Don’t know what radicalized terrorists.
Terrorists are not afraid to die because Allah commands it in the Koran and promises them Paradise for killing ‘infidels.’

The Koran radicalizes anyone who reads it, believes it and obeys it.

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