There is no Such Thing as ‘Peaceful’ Muslims 06/21/2016

Moody Adams
Conservative and liberal media are constantly saying the majority of Muslims are good, peaceful people. They may be good and peaceful people, but they are not good and peaceful Muslims. The Koran, which is the final, absolute truth about Islam declares Muslims who are not joining in the war against non-Muslims are not a part of Islam and are doomed to hell.

By going off to war you show you are a part of Islam
Koran 8:75. And they who have believed and fled their country since, and have fought at your side, these also are of you. Those who are united by ties of blood are the nearest of kin to each other. This is in the Book of God. Verily, God knoweth all things.

True believers go to war with purse and person
Koran 49:15. The true believers are those only who believe in God and His Apostle, and afterwards doubt not; and who contend with their substance and their persons on the path of God.

Muslims who do not go to war are sealed for hell
Koran 9:93. Only is there cause of blame against those who, though they are rich, ask thee for exemption. They are pleased to be with those who stay behind; and God hath set a seal upon their hearts: they have no knowledge. They will excuse themselves to you when ye come back to them. SAY: Excuse yourselves not; we cannot believe you: now hath God informed us about you: God will behold your doings, and so will His Apostle: to Him who knoweth alike things hidden and things manifest shall ye hereafter be brought back: and He will tell you what ye have done. They will adjure you by God when ye are come back to them, to withdraw from them: Withdraw from them, then, for they are unclean: their dwelling shall be Hell, in recompense for their deserts.

Those who do not go to war, are under a curse
Koran 47:20. And if, when the command for war is issued, they are true to God, it will be assuredly best for them. Were ye not ready, if ye had turned back from Him, to spread disorder in the land, and violate the ties of blood? These are they whom God hath cursed, and made deaf, and blinded their eyes!

Fight to win a good reward and escape a horrible doom
Koran 49:16. SAY to those Arabs of the desert, who took not the field (of battle) back aforetime, He will chastise you with a sore chastisement. It shall be no crime on the part of the blind, the lame, or the sick, if they go not to the fight.

Those who go to war for Allah will go to heaven
Koran 9:85. When a Sura was sent down with “Believe in God and go forth to war with His Apostle,” those of them who are possessed of riches demanded exemption, and said, “Allow us to be with those who sit at home. Well content were they to be with those who stay behind: for a seal hath been set on their hearts so that they understand not:—But the Apostle and those who share his faith, contend for the faith with purse and person; and these! all good things await them: and these are they who shall be happy. God hath made ready for them gardens ‘neath which the rivers flow, wherein they shall remain forever: this will be the great bliss.

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