Who is Shielding You From the Killer Rays? 06/21/2016

Moody Adams - His book "Proof"

If you were riding in a car with bulletproof glass and eight people shot at you without a single bullet breaking through the glass, you would probably think the man who made the bulletproof glass knew what he was doing.
But what about this? The sun is firing eight different kinds of high-powered killer rays at you 24 hours a day. If they hit you, you’ll be burned, your eyes will be put out, and you’ll be cooked to death in a day or two. The only thing that is keeping you alive is a thin layer of ozone drifting around between 6 and 30 miles above the earth. There is so little of it that if you compressed it all together it wouldn’t be over a quarter of an inch thick. But it is just right to protect you from the sun’s killer rays.
The ultraviolet rays come in two forms: longer rays which are deadly and are screened out, and shorter rays which are necessary for life on earth and are admitted by the ozone layer. Furthermore, the most deadly of these rays are allowed through the ozone layer in just a very small amount. Science tells us it is just enough to kill the green algae, which left unchecked would grow to fill all the lakes, rivers, and oceans of the world.
Your life is dependent upon this thin little layer far above the world. Encyclopedia Britannica says this in technical words, “The presence of the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere, with its accompanying absorption, effectively blocks almost all solar radiation of wavelengths less than 290 nanometers from reaching the Earth’s surface, where it would injure or kill most living things.”
In Psalms 84:11 the Lord said, The Lord God is a sun and shield.” The Lord not only created the sun to give us light, warmth and life, He also gave us a shield from the rays in the sun that could harm us. The ozone layer is that shield.
If the bulletproof glass on a car window had saved me from bullets being aimed straight at my head, I could not believe that this was luck. I would be forced to believe that some highly intelligent person had designed, built and installed the glass in the car.
When my life is being protected from the deadly rays, constantly being fired at my head, by the ozone layer, I cannot believe this is just good luck. I am forced to believe that some highly intelligent being had designed and built this protective layer.
As the scripture says, The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him (Psalm 28:7). I am not going to sit around all day worrying myself sick for fear of the sun’s death rays killing me. I am going to trust in the Lord to be my “shield” from them.
By faith in God, we can rejoice with the Psalmist, Thou, O Lord, art a shield for me, my glory, and the lifter up of mine head (Psalms 3:3).

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