Billy Graham: 'God Chose to Use Him in a Remarkable Way'. 02/22/2018

'God chose to use him in a remarkable way'.
Greg Corombos, news director for Radio America..
Rev. Billy Graham, who preached the gospel to more people than anyone in history, died Wednesday morning at age 99, and his earthly life is being remembered as faithful to Jesus Christ and for his integrity in leading a global ministry.

Although sidelined by health issues for the past decade, Graham traveled the globe for 60 years, preaching at crusades to more than 200 million people in person and many more via television, radio and the internet.

Former Moody Bible Institute President Michael J. Easley told WND and Radio America that Graham was blessed in a special way.

“The short answer is God’s hand,” Easley said. “You can talk about skills and learning television and communication and media and being in the right place at the right time, and all those things certainly affected his ministry. But I have to believe it was the work of God in the man’s life and his hand on him as a servant in a unique way.”

Easley added: “I have to believe God chose to use him in a remarkable way. You can go back to D.L. Moody and (Charles Haddon) Spurgeon, and other leaders like that, but no doubt this was one of America’s finest Christians, finest evangelists and honed in on the gospel all the time.”

Easley said Graham’s focus is obvious even in the brief news videos being shown about his life.

“Watching the clips, how often do you see Jesus mentioned? Not God. Jesus,” Easley said. “He was very clear in his Christology, in understanding the gospel and in how to present it simply to the masses.”


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