The Divine Wonder of Water 06/28/2016

Moody Adams -- From book "Proof"
Every girl that had to miss a trip to the mall to stay home and clean the house might well wonder why we have to have dust. Every youth struggling with allergies might think dust is an awful thing. Dust certainly is an enemy to every scientific laboratory and every computer production plant. Someone might even think, “If I were making this world I would make it dust-free.”
Most think dust is just a persistent pest. Few ever stopped to think that they can’t live without dust. A drop of rain is made up of a speck of dust with eight million droplets of water wrapped around it. If there were no dust there would be no rain, and if there were no rain, there would be no life on earth.
We were not around to witness God creating human life from dust, but we can watch God sustaining human life with water created from the dust of the earth.
Water forms the clouds that cover fifty percent of the earth at all times, guaranteeing we get the right amount of sunlight. Water makes the crops grow and gives us food to eat.
Water cleanses our world, dissolving things we do not need and washing them away.
At 32 degrees, water turns to ice heavy enough to slide down mountains, break up rocks and produce dirt in our valleys to grow our food.
When you heat water to 212 degrees, it expands into steam with enough force to run our great industrial engines.
Water is the only liquid, other than bismuth, that is lighter when it is frozen. This is why ice rises to the top of our lakes. If it didn’t, the water would freeze from the bottom up and kill all the fish. And it would destroy all the algae that continues manufacturing our oxygen.
We have not found any other planet in the universe with enough water to support human life. Our government spends billions of dollars trying to find signs of water on Mars. This could prove there might have been life on Mars. But we do not have to look for it on earth. It covers most of our planet.
The scientific facts about water;that as rain it is formed around dust, that it becomes lighter when frozen, larger when heated, forms clouds when vapor, and is found in abundant supply on earth and earth alone; are miraculous.
It is easy to believe water was put here by an intelligent God.
Job declared from the ancient world, “Behold, God is great . . . maketh small the drops of water: they pour down rain according to the vapour thereof: Which the clouds do drop and distil upon man abundantly”--(Job 36:26-28).

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