"Transgenderism is a ‘Mental Disorder’ That Merits Treatment,’ 06/14/2016

Rush Limbaugh cited the work of Johns Hopkins psychiatrist Paul McHugh, who “said that transgenderism is a ‘mental disorder’ that merits treatment, that sex change is ‘biologically impossible,’ and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.”

He noted McHugh is author of six books and “at least 125 peer-reviewed medical articles.”

“[McHugh] also reported on a new study showing that the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people. Dr. McHugh further noted studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic of children who had expressed transgender feelings but for whom, over time, 70 percent to 80 percent spontaneously lost those feelings,” Limbaugh said.

“Aha. We may be on to something here. Dr. McHugh and his boys have studied all this, and young kids, 70 to 80 percent of them, eventually grow out of this confusion. Maybe that’s what they don’t want to happen is for kids to outgrow it.”
Limbaugh said the order shows how extreme Obama is.

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