How Columbia University is Destroying America 07/11/2016

Moody Adams
Columbia University, which has trained government and media leaders, has deliberately produced America’s deep economic decline, loss of jobs, the overhelming debt and the startling dependency of millions of Americans through welfare, unemployment and food stanps.

Wayne Allyn Root a bestselling author, dubbed by the media as “the Capitalist Evangelist,”
who attended Columbia said, “They blamed America for “unfairness, racism, inequality, and lack of social justice. My classmates proudly called themselves socialists, communists, and Marxists. Even though almost all of them came from wealthy families (or perhaps because of it), they hated the rich and despised business owners. They talked about how the “white power structure” had to be dismantled, business owners bankrupted, and capitalism destroyed. Everything in their minds was based on ‘social justice.’

Root said, “In 1981 when a student burst through the doors to our political science class and screamed “The President has been shot. They’ve assassinated Reagan”… my classmates yelled, hugged, high-fived, and jumped up and down cheering the death of a Republican. Today most of my classmates are either in government with Obama, or controlling the mainstream media. They talk about “moderation and compromise,” but always remember 30 years ago they cheered for the death of a Republican.”

He said, they were taught to fool the voters by referring to themselves “moderate” and a “uniter,” while they were actually radical Marxist.

Root explained:

"Government regulations are to “protect us from global warming,” as opposed to wiping out small business.

"Amnesty for illegal immigrants is about “fairness,” as opposed to creating 12 million new Democratic voters.
High taxes are to “create equality,” as opposed to starving Obama’s political opposition.

"Obscene spending is always about “helping widows and orphans,” as opposed to bribing Obama’s voters.

"Higher teacher salaries to reward terrible performance are “for the kids,” as opposed to enriching teachers unions so they can funnel hundreds of millions to Democrat politicians.

"Bailing out GM was to “save jobs,” as opposed to saving bloated auto union pensions."

Everything happening to the U.S. economy, all started at Columbia. The entire agenda to overwhelm the system, wipe out the middle class, bankrupt small business, and destroy capitalism, was hatched at Columbia.

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