Mob Rule has Preceeded the Downfall of Empires 07/12/2016

Moody Adams
The downfall of empires and the rise of dictators has been preceded by anarchy and mob rule.

Anarchy and mob protests have marked the corruption of earth’s greatest empires, like Babylonian, Medo-Persia, Greek and Roman.

Persia had youth mobs demonstrating publicly, fighting against the present establishment.

In Greece. There was social breakdown, paving the way for a young dictator named Alexander the Great to become dictator.

Mobs of homosexuals assaulted the house of Lot before Sodom fell.

The unemployed and bored citizens of the Roman Empire became restless mobs, Roman emperors spent a third of the empire’s income on Gladiator games to keep these “mobs” occupied.

Hitler’s destruction of Europe was preceded by Germany’s mob’s raging protests against Jews.

I saw mobs burning block, after block, after block of South L.A. protesting the Rodney King case. I cannot help but wonder if the nationwide mobs today will do the same to our nation?

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