Nigerian Gov't Isn't Stopping Islamic Radicals' 'Religious Cleansing' of Christians 08/02/2016

Fears that Nigerian Christians are facing ever-increasing bloodshed and violence are growing, human rights groups have warned, with the government failing to persecute and bring to justice the Islamic radical factions that killed over 4,000 Christians in 2015 alone.

"As we speak, none of the perpetrators has been fished out and put on trial. That is to say the government is fully aiding and abetting the sundry ethno-religious cleansing and butcheries. It also partakes circumstantially and vicariously, if not directly," said Emeka Umeagbalasi, chairman for the International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law.

Christians, who make up close to half of the population in the country, have been targeted by major terror groups, such as Boko Haram and the Muslim Fulani herdsmen, News24 noted.

Boko Haram has been seeking to take down the Nigerian government and force Christians to flee the country, with Open Doors estimating that as many as 11,500 Christians have been killed since the insurgency started in 2009.


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