'They'd rather kill babies than mosquitoes' 08/09/2016

World Net Daily
Democrats block Zika relief for abortion funding!

Nearly 60 percent of Americans favor allowing late-term abortions for babies believed to be at strong risk for Zika-related conditions, and a leading pro-life activist is furious at the abortion lobby for advancing such an idea and urging expectant mothers not to go down that path.

The survey from Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health shows 59 percent of Americans “favor a woman being allowed to obtain a legal abortion” if her unborn child is like to have microcephaly or some other “severe” condition related to Zika.

Susan B. Anthony National Campaign Chair Jill Stanek is appalled.

“It’s horrifying that people of both parties do not respect the rights of children with disabilities,” Stanek told WND and Radio America.

“The real culprits here are the abortion lobby, who would rather kill babies than mosquitoes,” she said. “They are fomenting panic for their own personal benefit and gain, rather than promoting the best course of action, which would be to eliminate the mosquitoes carrying the virus and then, long-term, develop a vaccine.”

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