My Experiences With Billy Graham And His Family 02/22/2018

Moody Adams
I met with Billy Graham before his Nashville crusade shortly after I became a preacher.

This man who had led me to Christ prayed for me that I would be blessed and stay faithful to the Bible. In the service that night thousands answered his call to follow Christ.

Through his associate and speechwriter, Lee Fisher, he invited me to his home, but I was never able to get together there.
I stayed one night as his guest at the Graham Ranch, however, he was out of town.

I preached a number of times in Franklin Graham’s headquarters, where he gave me an interesting tour.

Standing on the steps of their church in Boone N.C., Franklin’s wife told how exhausted he always was when Franklin flew in from crusades and collapsed on their couch.

I will always be grateful to the man who preached on ‘You Must Be Born Again’ and became my father in the faith.

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