Peaceful Muslims are our Greatest Threat 08/23/2016

Moody Adams
Islam has a magnificent plan for defeating the U.S. and it is working.

Step one: Send ‘peaceful’ Muslims into the nation. Violent Muslims would not be welcomed.

Step two: Teach the Koran, which demands to kill non-Muslims and promises Paradise as the reward.

Step three: Make some converts who are willing to kill and die for Allah. This week a U.S. Muslim tried to cut off a non-Muslims head while screaming "Allah is the Greatest."

Step four: Terrify the citizens with acts of terror and threats of death. The U.S. is making huge concessions to Islam hoping it will prevent them from killing us.

Step five: Demand Shariah law replace the Constitution. This is already taking place in Europe.

Step six: Grow by immigration and large child birth to a point where you can take over the country. This will take time, but it will work in the end.

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