Never Knock Your Body, it is a Fantastic Wonder 08/30/2016

Moody Adams. book Proof
George Gallup said, “l could prove God statistically. Take the human body alone. What are the chances that all the functions of the human body would just happen?”

The body grows from a single cell to 1,000 billion cells, each doing its fantastic job. If these cells were placed end-to-end they would circle the earth over 200 times.

The skeletal framework is made up of 206 bones. These are more durable and longer lasting than steel. There are 29 skull bones, 26 spinal vertebrae, 24 ribs, 2 girdle bones, and 120 other bones scattered through the body. In an average man they only weigh 29 pounds. The joints are self-lubricating.

The skin covering your body has two million sweat glands and 10-15 thousand million centers which report to the brain. These are a remarkable protection against heat, cold, sun, water, disease and injury
Your skin is a near-waterproof layer, holding together your body contents, 60% of which are water.

Your ears are amazing. Through them the sound waves enter the trumpet-design of the ears. Bitter wax inside the ear keeps insects out of the ear canal. The eardrum vibrates from sound waves, where three tiny bones in the middle ear magnify this wave motion 22 times. A tube is there to keep air pressure equal.

Our balance is a miracle. There is a device built into your skull which registers leaning. It enables you to correct tilting and keep your balance. This also is a jewel-like design, with three parts, which is not yet fully understood by scientists.

The body’s repair system is another marvel. When you cut yourself, you are programmed for repair. The blood clots and glues the skin, forming a firm barrier to stop the bleeding. Underneath the clot, a new flat surface of cells is formed. In days the skin can look like nothing ever happened.

The human kidneys are two magnificently designed purification machines.

Your nose delivers clean air because of a hairy filter trap designed in the nostrils. It also works through two glands in the brain to regulate your body temperature.

Among your 600 muscles there are involuntary ones that control your kidneys and blink your eyelids, without you having to tell them to or even think about it.

Your body has a fantastic army of defenders. The immune system produces the “soldiers” that attack the bacteria which are constantly invading you. This battle rages every moment of your life. The defense cells are responsible for keeping you alive.

Nothing is more amazing than the way the body takes in food. It selects what to keep and what to dispose of. Put something bad in and your stomach will throw it up. The different food contents are sent to the exact places they are needed. Imagine how fantastic it is that your fat is stored around your middle, instead of on your face.

Your body is awesome. No engineer can duplicate it or build anything to compare with it. Considering the wonders of his body the Psalmist cried: I will praise you; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knows right well (Psalms 139:14).

The wonderful bodies we live in are wonderful evidence of the magnificent God who built us.

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