Prison Officer Receives Salvation 06/01/2018

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Director Ronnie reports In 2009 I was working in Sironko district as a prisons officer, I got salvation when Pastor Gaula David preached to me and started BSI study in which I got 1 year certification course, I continued with the 2 year BSI course with pastor Nambohe David in Sironko.

I was able to share the good news of Jesus with my wife who also received salvation In 2010. I come from a strong Muslim family. My father being a Muslim strongly resists my faith.

The knowledge I received from BSI has enabled me to lead one of my brothers and two cousins to Christ. Six of my children also received salvation.

When I returned home in 2012 I begun a home fellowship this has grown and we launched a church in Feb 2015.Bhutan Valley
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