Protest against wealthy pastor by activists disrupts church service 09/21/2016

By: Randy Wimbley
A scuffle inside the sanctuary after New Era Detroit protests during a worship service. Zeek the leader of the group, offered no apologies for the dustup at Great Faith Ministries Saturday -- only the reasoning behind it.

"The situation is bigger than just Wayne T. Jackson," Zeek said. "This is about black churches and black pastors who live a lavish life on behalf of the people and they are not giving back to their community."

He's referring to Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, the wealthy pastor that drives a Rolls Royce and lives in a mansion.
Zeek was there for the offering Saturday.

"They started the offering at a thousand dollars," he said. "And then they said if you don't have $1,000 then do $300. If you don't have cash, then we got ATM machines.

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