A Miraculous Biblical Key to World History 09/27/2016

The miracle of the Bible is clearly seen in this amazing prophecy: “And I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you”--(Genesis 12:3).

The United States has blessed Israel more than any nation in history and the United States is the wealthiest nation in history. Neither Switzerland nor the U.S. have persecuted the Jews. Neither country’s land was touched by World War I or II.

We would all do well to consider the promises: “Come thou with us, and we will do you good: for the Lord hath spoken good concerning Israel”--(Numbers 10:29). Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “they shall prosper that love you”--(Psalms 122:6).

On the other hand, history demonstrates that those who curse Israel are cursed of God. Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt, was the first anti-Semitic. Plague after plague came upon his land. Finally, he and his army perished in the Red Sea.

Spain was booming with the riches of gold and silver from the New World, when she expelled the Jews in 1492. In six months, her economy collapsed; Spain has never recovered to the level of her earlier wealth.

Germany, under the leadership of Hitler, cursed the Jews as no other nation in history. He set out to destroy the race, slaughtering six million Jews. It seemed his armies would conquer all of Europe, but something happened. Germany’s English enemies were pinned down and appeared on the verge of annihilation. But nature intervened. A storm on the German side of the English Channel made it impossible for the German army or air force to attack. On the British side the channel was calm, allowing the evacuation and salvation of the British army.

Soon, Germany was defeated and for decades remained a divided nation; a constant reminder to the world that if you curse the Jews, God will curse you.

The accuracy of the Bible’s predictions mean that only God could have written it.

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