BSI Wins 2482 new believers and starts 56 new Churches in South Sudan Despite war 10/04/2016

(The following is a report from Mullai, our BSI Director in South Sudan. A hostile army has surrounded him. He went three days without food. They have closed the roads to travel. All foreign schools are closed, but BSI is still operating)

South Sudan has returned to another senseless civil war that has displaced almost every people who had tried to be settled. I have been following our schools in the villages and the refugee camps in Uganda and the Congo Democratic Republic. I am glad we have a good work going on despite the difficult condition in my country at this moment.

Despite the war we have had 2484 new believers and have started 56 New churches and graduated 243 students.

We have registered a very successful and big number of graduates in this season. The whole season was relatively smooth as the lessons were run in time. There were no obstructions and most of the students did attend their required credit hours per the lessons. 186 students graduated from the Diploma section while 57 graduated with ministry Certificate. The total graduation was 243 graduates. Praise the Lord. We plan to deploy most of these graduates to the refugee camps in Uganda. There are currently up to 70,000 from South Sudan who is in the North West Nile of Uganda that needed to be properly reached. This is our responsibility.

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