6 Skeptics-Approved Facts That Prove Jesus' Resurrectiony 10/18/2016

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Gary Habermas
Gary Habermas on 6 Skeptics-Approved Facts That Prove Jesus' Resurrectiony Anugrah Kumar , Christian Post Contributor
Gary Habermas, distinguished research professor and chair of the Department of Philosophy and Theology at Liberty University and visiting professor at Southern Evangelical Seminary, presenting on "Jesus' Resurrection for Skeptics," at the Southern Evangelical Seminary's 21st Annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics, Charlotte, N.C., Oct. 10, 2014.

The six strongest evidences to support the resurrection, which are not denied even by critics, are ones about which no scholar has debated him, said Habermas, who has authored several books.

These include Jesus died by crucifixion; Jesus' disciples had real experiences that they thought were appearances of Jesus; the disciples were transformed even to the point of being willing to die for their message; James, the brother of Jesus, had real experience wherein he thought he had an appearance of Jesus; Paul also had a similar appearance of Jesus and converted; and the message was proclaimed within one or two years from the crucifixion.

Other facts which are also accepted by scholars, including skeptics though not with an overwhelming majority, include Christians' talk of the resurrection of Jesus appears to be of bodily in nature; Jesus was buried, the disciples despaired after the crucifixion thinking that all hope was lost; the tomb was empty; Sunday became the primary day of worship; and Jesus predicted His resurrection appearances ahead of time.

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