Proof God Selects Wicked Men to Lead Nations 10/25/2016

Moody Adams
God chose Cyrus, a wicked idolater to deliver the Jews from Babylon.

He was a talented leader, though a wicked man who violated the first of the Lordís 10 Commandments against worshipping other Gods.

This vile man was named before he has even been born and before the kingdom over which he will reign has risen to power (Isaiah 45:1-7).

It is astonishing that an idolater such as Cyrus should be spoken of as the LORDís shepherd (44:28) and His anointed (45:1), immediately after a Biblical passage in which idolatry had been strongly condemned for Cyrus himself was an idolater!

Though an idolater, Cyrus respected Godís plan to rebuild Jerusalem (Isaiah 45:11-13).

God promises this ungodly man that when Israel has been saved, he will give over to Cyrus the idolatrous Egyptian kingdom and other southern nations as a reward. (Isaiah 45:14-19)

But there is an important lesson here. God may disapprove of idolatry but use an idolater for His good purpose. This does not mean that He approves of that personís lifestyle. But a talented leader is selected to lead because he can lead, despite his moral flaws.

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