Muslim storms kids' Christmas play yelling 'Allahu akbar!' 01/03/2017

Children were left “petrified” when, during a depiction of the traditional Christian Christmas story, a Somali asylum seeker suddenly jumped on stage and started preaching from the Quran, according to a report in the Express.

The report said the unnamed Somali, 24, was wearing a white robe when he jumped up, shouted “Allahu akbar” and began his rant.

Eventually he was overpowered by several men attending the children’s presentation.

“The children are totally anxious and petrified. We were terribly afraid for our children,” a witness told the newspaper.
It happened in the Austrian town of Oberndorf, which is in the state of Upper Austria near Schwanenstadt.

The incident caused a wave of horror among the children and their parents.


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