Stop Strruggling and Start Succeeding 02/07/2017

by Moody Adams
A man struggles to achieve happiness, to find some noble purpose for living, to escape death. But through the years he feels himself slipping. The guilt piles up, happiness begins to diminish, death becomes a more startling reality. He loses confidence in his own abilities. Day by day he seems to sink lower and lower in despair. But the whole vicious slide can be interrupted.

There can be a day in a man’s life when he discovers Christ living in him. From that day forward he reverses the downward spiral and starts moving up in life. No longer is he struggling with life alone. It is Christ living in him. The moment that happens, his whole life is changed. The downward slide is forever reversed.
God is not limited by our talents or experience

In Prairieville, Louisiana, I once saw the miracle power of Jesus Christ living in a human body. A timid little lady by the name of Mrs. Don Hudson was very concerned about some friends whose conduct she did not approve of. She was growing increasingly frustrated because she felt she could not do anything about it.

One morning I spoke on the subject of “Jesus Christ Living in You” at the little mission church she attended there in the French country of south Louisiana. Mrs. Hudson listened. When I invited the people to meet and then go out and visit other people, she came. But Mrs. Hudson warned me she was too timid to talk to anyone.

I said, “Mrs. Hudson, doesn’t Jesus Christ have all the power and wisdom in the universe?” “Yes,” she replied. “And doesn’t Jesus Christ live inside you” I asked. Again she replied, “Yes.” I said, “Well, don’t worry about it, just trust the Lord to do it through you.”

I never did get her convinced, but I got her in the car. That night, among the seven converts, there was a young married couple.

Mrs. Hudson came running up to me after the service. She was crying and weeping at the same time. “See that couple that received Christ,” she said. “Yes,” I replied. “Well, that is the first visit I ever made for Jesus!”

She related, “I talked with the lady a few minutes. Everything was going well until I got the Bible out and started to read it. I got scared and choked up. I couldn’t say a word. Then, remembering what you had said, I bowed my head and told the Lord He was in me and asked Him to help me win the lady to Jesus. Then I opened my mouth ... and nothing came out!

“I was so upset I knew I was going to cry. I didn’t want her to see me, so I knelt down by her couch and buried my face. Then it happened. Something bumped me. I looked up and that lady was kneeling down beside me and she was crying too.

“I never did talk to her. We just knelt there and cried a while and tonight she came to Christ—Isn’t that wonderful!”

Well, Mrs. Don Hudson never did get to where she could talk to people, but before that week’s meeting was over, she had cried three families to the Lord! Mrs. Hudson had discovered the Winner within her. Her life spiraled upward from that moment.

It is wonderful that God is not limited to our abilities. He can live His life in us and work His influence through us.

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