New Efforts Can Stop Univerity Brainwashing 02/21/2017

Sara Dogan
"A well-known conservative is reaching out to state lawmakers to beat back what he claims is rampant political bias against students and faculty who do not agree with a pervasive liberal orthodoxy in state schools across the country," reports Kelley Vlahos on NewsMax.

Colorado State Sen. John Andrews, lawmakers from 10 states and students on 105 campuses are working to stop professors from brainwashing students with their opposition to morality, patriotism, military defense and Christianity.

Andrews says, "The howls of pain have come from the academic establishment, the academic left, which suggests to me that they are terrified of having their cozy little monopoly broken up by the winds of competing ideas."

Sara Dogan, a 2000 Yale University graduate who runs Students for Academic Freedom (search), said hundreds of students on at least 105 campuses are starting their own chapters, many with the goal of pursuing an Academic Bill of Rights.

You can help stop the campus brainwashing by organizing a Students for Academic Freedom on a local college. For information about organizing a club, please contact the National Campus Director, Sara Dogan (formerly Sara Russo), at:
Attn: Sara Russo
Students for Academic Freedom
1015 15th Street, NW, #900
Washington, DC 20005 1

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