Christians Preparing to Evangelize in North Korea Say They are Ready to Die for Christ 01/03/2017

Veronica Neffinger | Editor, |
Two Chinese Christian pastors who are preparing to evangelize in North Korea say they are ready for whatever trials come, even death.

According to, the two pastors are aware of the dangers they will face in North Korea, but they maintain their committment to sharing the gospel with the North Koreans.

North Korea is ranked as the number one worst country for Christian persecution by Open Doors World Watch List.

One example of a Christian missionary facing horrendous violence in North Korea is the case of a Korean-Chinese church leader who evangelized in the country for 17 years before his body was found in the Tumen River, stabbed 17 times.
The pastors knew of what happened to this man, but their commitment to go was unwavering.

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