What Happens When an Atheist's Wife Follows Jesus? 04/04/2017

By Rusty Wright
If you’re a committed atheist and your spouse becomes a follower of Jesus, it might just rock your world. That’s what happened to hard nosed Chicago Tribune legal affairs editor Lee Strobel, who marshalled his skills in journalism and law to find out what had happened to his wife.

Strobel’s quest became a bestselling book, “The Case for Christ ,” and now a movie. He writes that Leslie’s 1979 announcement stunned him. He felt “like the victim of a bait-and-switch scam.”

“I had married one Leslie – fun … carefree … risk-taking – and now I feared she was going to turn into some sort of sexually repressed prude who would trade our upwardly mobile lifestyle for all-night prayer vigils and volunteer work in grimy soup kitchens,” Strobel says.

“Instead,” he continues, “I was pleasantly surprised – even fascinated – by the fundamental changes in her character, her integrity, and her personal confidence.”

He aimed to investigate faith from top to bottom to see if it made sense.

The film stars Mike Vogel (“The Help”), Erika Christensen (“Frasier,” “Traffic”) and Oscar-winner Faye Dunaway (“Bonnie and Clyde,” “Network”).

For nearly two years he asked hard questions about source reliability, about Jesus’ life, death and alleged Resurrection, and more. The book and the film present what he discovered, not as academic treatises – though the book is well written for thinking readers and extensively documented – but in the context of colorful, touching stories about how he wrestled with his findings.

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