Porn Has Been Declared a Public Health Crisis, Here's Why... 05/09/2017

Two state governments in America have now declared pornography a public health crisis, with two more on the way, while the church is lagging behind with only 7% of pastors say that they have a program for those struggling with porn.

Utah, the State with the highest consumption of porn per capita, was the first State to pass a resolution declaring pornography as a public health crisis. They have recently been joined by South Dakota on January 31, with both houses unanimously voting in favor of a similar resolution.

It doesn't stop there! A measure recognizing pornography as leading to individual and societal harms was passed by the Virginia State House with a landslide majority of 82-8, while Tennessee's Senate Health and Wellbeing committee is set to consider a similar resolution this week.

Meanwhile, President Trump also signed a pledge during his campaign last August to defend the innocence and dignity of America's children by enforcing the existing federal laws and advancing public policies designed to, "prevent the sexual exploitation of children online and to make the Internet safer for all."

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