by Moody Adams

Long running tribal hatreds are erupting and if diplomats were to solve the election problem in Kenya it probably would not stop the killing. They tell me the leaders cannot end the fighting. In peaceful sections of the country we have two very encouraging Bible Skills Institutes.

Yesterday I attended a graduation for an area where 600 have applied for the next sessions. Everywhere it is the same. When people see what the schools are doing many, many others want to attend.

Yesterday one of our graduates has become an evangelist and has won over 400 to Christ. When he led some Muslims to Christ they tried to have him arrested. He said, I do not care if you arrest me or kill me I will ot stop preaching the Gospel.

I have collected so many wonderful testimonies I will be sending out when I get home.

Monday I leave for to speak in a large conference in South Africa.

Thank you for your prayers.

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