by Moody Adams
“China Aid has learned that the President of the Inner Mongolia Branch of the Chinese House Church Alliance, Wang Dawei, was detained along with more than 40 co-workers on Wednesday, February 20, 2008. The leaders were in the 3rd day of a Bible study when more than 100 Police officers from the State Security Bureau and members of the Religious Affairs Bureau disrupted the meeting and detained the ministers,” according to a report by the Christian Newswire from Xilinhaote City, Inner Mongolia on Feb. 21.

This is part of a continuing crack-down on China’s house churches as the Olympics draw near. The atheistic Communist government does not want any publicity on these illegal Christian meetings.

It is a paradox. The more the Chinese Christians are persecuted the more they grow. China’s highest-ranking official in charge of religious affairs told two closed-door meetings there are 130 million Christians in China. This historic explosion of Christianity has grown from just over two million when the Communist began there efforts to wipe out the followers of Christ.

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