By Moody Adams
I have returned from a 26-day trip to Africa. The tribal rioting, killings and the ravages of war did not prevent a very successful trip.

Despite the chaos in Kenya, we secured a national Director, started two schools and have four more waiting for equipment. Nicholas Mulea, a proven leader who has started 42 churches, will preside over our Bible Skills Institutes in Kenya. I met with prospective students, several of whom traveled 50 miles, to discuss the new schools. Though political leaders signed a power-sharing agreement, the simmering resentment over land, poverty and the dominance of the Kikuyu in Kenyan politics and business have not ended. Today reports are in of arrests of a group killing 15 in western Kenya. This is a strategic moment for us to aid in developing Christian leaders in the country.

From Kenya I went to the Southern Sudan where hundreds of thousands of refugees are returning home after the ten year war with the Muslim Arabs in Northern Sudan. There is a severe shortage of food, housing, schools and medical supplies in this war-ravaged region. Our Yei, Sudan Director, Mullai Ruman took us to the first church in the region started by a BSI student. There was a rousing dedication of the church, the baptism of 11 converts, thrilling testimonies to the effectiveness of our schools and the unveiling of a monument to the BSI. Director Mullai has taken over the church in Yei after the former pastor left and has doubled the attendance and enlisted 600 students in the church’s day school, while overseeing 11 BSI schools in the area.

The next stop was Uganda where I attended four BSI graduation services for 175 students. Most of these graduates rented caps and gowns despite their poverty. The excitement at these graduations rivaled that of any university. I wished that all of our friends in the states could have heard the glowing testimonies of what the training has meant to them. We are preparing a DVD of the graduations. A highlight of the Uganda visit was holding services under a huge tree with a congregation that chose to leave their building due to the pastor having four wives and teaching false doctrines.

The trip ended in South Africa where I was a speaker at the nation conference of Every Home for Christ. Pastors from four new countries requested tat we set up BSI schools in their areas. The Every Home for Christ African leaders has asked us to partner with them and we are considering this possibility.

One of my regrets was I had to turn down the largest gift I have ever been given. One of graduates brought me a big goat and assured me I could carry him in the car trunk. I accepted the gift and told him to keep it for me.

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