by Moody Adams
Mrs. Homer Lindsay has died. In 50 years of working with churches she was the greatest personal winner I ever knew.

She and her husband, Dr. Homer Lindsay, Jr., both knocked on doors and led people to Jesus to the end of their lives.

Once, while I was in Jacksonville to preach for Dr. Lindsay, he and his wife, escorted me up to my hotel room. We thanked the porter. Mrs. Lindsay proceeded to present the gospel of Christ to the porter. Dr. Lindsay said to me, “She is a better soul winner than either one of us.

After her husband died she came and spent a week with Betty and me. Betty took her to see New Orleans where they rode a street car. Betty said a rough looking guy you would have thought to be a gang member sat down across from them. Betty said, “I was scared to death, but Mrs. Lindsay said to him ”Honey, do you know Jesus?” she proceeded to explain the gospel to the frightening-looking young man.

Mrs. Lindsay fell Thursday night going down her stairs and hit her head very hard. Her daughter and son-in-law, Peggy and Dr. Lynn Hyatt, were there to take her out to supper. They rushed her to the emergency room. She was taking a blood thinner and had a massive hemorrhage of the brain and died.

At her funeral, attended by 4,000 people, Dr. Dr. Mac Brunson drew parallels between Mrs. Lindsay and Sarah, drawing from Genesis 23. Mrs. Lindsay left behind a great legacy for her dedicated daughters and to all who knew her: The legacy of the thing that counts the most when we leave this earth—WINNING SOULS. Thank you Mrs. Lindsay, for your life of loving service to our Savior.

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