“World Vision is providing clean water and other relief supplies in Myanmar. Gospel for Asia (GFA), which has more than 400 churches and over 200 missions scattered throughout the nation, has been among the first groups to respond to the crisis, which has left an estimated 40,000 either dead or missing” according to World Vision. The group has temporarily turned their Bible College in the capital of Rangoon into a makeshift shelter for over dozens of people.”

“With a death toll that could eventually exceed 100,000, according to a top U.S. diplomat, Burma's generals were still stalling on visas for U.N. teams urgently seeking entry to ensure aid is delivered to the victims,” reports CNN. “The U.S. military had already flown six helicopters on to a Thai airbase, as Washington awaits permission to go into the south Asian country, two senior military officials told CNN's Barbara Starr.”

Rotting corpses, political problems, water shortages, civil unrest and lack of shelter are plaguing the country following the worst disaster since the South East Asian tsunami crisis nearly four years ago.

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