By Moody Adams
The man had just dropped his children off at school when a mob stopped him and burned him to death because he could not speak their language, according to Everette Wasike, the Rift Valley Province police chief in Kenya's western Rift Valley.

Our Bible Skills Institute’s West Africa Director, Joseph Ouki’s sister-in-law and 5 children were hiding in a church when rioters burned a nearby church with 50 people in it. He has been able to locate his family and get them out of Kenya to his home in Uganda, though they are in bad shape.

The world has too many trouble spots to give much attention to Kenya where debates over a close presidential election has resulted in over 700 deaths and 250,000 having to flee their burning homes without anything but the clothes on their backs. A number of these refugees are without food.

On Feb. 5 I am going into Kenya, at the request of local leaders, to start BSI schools there. Nicholas Mulea, the founding Bishop of Missions Outreach Church with 36 daughter churches in Kenya, says none of his pastors have had any Bible training. He appeals, “In view to this I am kindly asking you if you would consider extending your services to Kenya and work with me in the area of training Pastors.”

I will stay away from danger zones, but they have been appealing for schools for nearly a year and I must go. We pray God will raise up strong godly leaders out of our schools who can lead the struggle for peace in Kenya.

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