by Moody Adams
“Attendance numbers at America's megachurches continue to grow, and at very fast rates, according to the latest research on the country's largest churches,” reports "Changes in American Megachurches: Tracing Eight Years of Growth and Innovation in the Nation's largest-Attendance Congregations," which was released Friday.

The report shows:
• Churches of at least 2,000 people grew at a rate of 10 percent a year.
• 20 percent of megachurches experienced an increase of 100 percent over 5 years.
• They are not building larger auditoriums, but turning to multiple services and satellite campuses. Average attendance was 4,142, while average auditorium sat 1,794.
• Church planting has grown from 68 percent in 2000, to 70 percent in 2005, to 77 percent in 2008.
• All the things that were typically done by a denominational form are being done at a local church level.
• Since 2008 those choosing the label of “evangelical” increased from 48 to 65 percent.
• The number choosing the “Pentecostal” label dropped from 11 to 4 percent.
• Interestingly, the study also found that megachurches are not overtly political even during this year's election.

The study is based on a national study of America's 1,200 megachurches over 8 years. It does not tell us of the impact made on member's lives.

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