Trevor Wikre had 45 minutes to decide between keeping his finger, or playing football for the rest of the year.

The offensive lineman from Mesa State College broke his pinkie finger during football practice. Doctors told him they could save the mangled finger. However the surgery would mean no more football for the rest of the year.

He only had 45 minutes to make his decision. He chose to give up the finger.

Jesus Christ said if a body part caused you to sin, it was better to cut it off than to have your whole eternity in hell.

Would you give up your hand if it caused you to steal?

Would you give up your eyes if you could not stop watching pornography?

Christ dramatically explained the importance of holy living. It is more important than any part of your body.

Whether you agree with Wikre's decision or not, you have to admire his sacrifice. Likewise those who sacrifice comforts, success, or even their lives for godliness are to be greatly admired.

When Wikre got to the hospital, he was given 45 minutes to make a decision on how to proceed. Option one was to repair a finger that had been so badly injured that the bone broke through the skin. The surgery would save the finger but cost him the rest of the season.

Option two was just to cut the pinkie off at the knuckle. In that case Wikre would lose the finger, but only miss a game.

I would hazard to guess that 99.9 percent of us would choose the first option. It’s the sane thing to do. But after spending a majority of your life playing football and investing time, sweat, blood and tears into the sport, being sane takes a backseat sometimes.

Wikre chose option two and had his pinkie amputated. He said he couldn’t imagine missing the rest of his senior year and most likely last year of football over a small digit.

“There’s nothing I would take back or regret,” Wikre told The Associated Press. “It’s all been good. This was the best thing for me that I could have done. There are worse things in the world. A pinkie is not that bad in my mind.”

There are probably thousands of parents out there right now hoping their child does not have the same mentality as Wikre. Praying their son or daughter has enough common sense to realize that it’s just a sport and giving up a body part is not worth it.

For most parents, you do not have to worry. There are few individuals that would willingly allow someone to remove a part of their body unless $1 million was waiting on the other side of the operation.

However, there are those whose desire to compete which overrides all logical thinking. And they are the ones that make watching sports fun.

I am not advocating that players relieve themselves of their pinkie to show how much they love competing. That would just be insane.

However, you don’t see that type of dedication anymore. Former San Francisco 49er Ronnie Lott had his finger amputated so he wouldn’t miss any games. L.A. Rams’ Jack Youngblood played an entire Super Bowl on a broken leg. When Ken Norton was with the Dallas Cowboys, he ripped his biceps muscle from his arm and played the rest of the season.

Nowadays, if a college kid gets a sprained ankle, he may be out three to four weeks. He doesn’t want to ruin his draft status or his potential at the next level.

My favorite people in this world to watch or talk to are those who have an unhealthy passion for the craft. Whether its football, basketball, politics or grilling, there is nothing they enjoy more and it shows how they perform.

They not only interest me, but spectators also. Fans want their athletes to care so much about playing and winning that they put everything else in their life second. That includes family, money and health. It makes the fan feel they are not going through the pain of losing alone.

Regardless of why Wikre decided that an appendage was worth losing, we all have to admire his dedication to his craft. Once again, I ask, would you cut off any part of your body for your job? I think not.

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