By Hilmar von Campe
They called for changing society but not to improve the life of people but to use them to gain power and keep it. He created the concept of "overman," the man stronger than others with the right to step over the weak, which attracted Hitler.

The alternative to Marxism is not capitalism, as so many people believe. The only alternative is an answer to the spiritual fundament of this godless philosophy. The change they are talking about is no change but a steppingstone to their own power on the way to a totalitarian system. Socialist Hitler destroyed free society in a few months.
There is a fundamental difference between Marxism, provider of the socialist philosophy, and Christian teachings. The difference makes the two worldviews incompatible in other words, you cannot be both. Whoever says that they are compatible either lies or is ignorant.

Marxists believe that a non-socialist society is to blame for what is wrong with people and therefore, change has to begin with those who are responsible for society, mainly "the rich." Others, not they, have to change, and the others are in the end all those who oppose socialism. People are either forced to comply or they are killed, as happened in Nazi Germany. If you put right what is wrong in society, so goes Marxist theory, you will heal injustice and people, products of a hostile society, will become their good selves. Healing is created by installing more and more socialists in office, socialist immorality and socialist programs.

Christianity teaches that what is wrong is the fallen nature of man, who gives in to the evil inside. Moral change in people and restoring the broken relationship with God will change what is wrong in society. Christian teachings are at the heart of our Constitution. Responsibility for oneself is a pre-condition for a healthy society. That is why America is special and prosperous. Government's task is to clear the way for initiatives of their citizens and not block it.

One central theme is enough to clarify why I say that the socialist Democratic Party is illegitimate. Their policies are Marxist and not American, and they promote immorality. It was the Soviet Union, for instance, that was the first state to make abortion legal, already at the beginning of the '20s. Having grown up in the godless totalitarian Nazi society, it is appalling for me to watch that in America, politicians can speak of their "Christian faith" and at the same time make abortion, same-sex marriage and homosexuality their party policy.
No government or parliament across the globe has the authority to overrule God. The godless national Socialists, called Nazis, did it, and my family, Jewish people, all Germans and Europeans paid dearly for it, because millions of us did not see our own evil inside. American soldiers shed their blood to liberate us from Nazi power. It pains me to see America today on the same track. Not only those who actively promote the godless programs allowed by our government establishment but also those who for personal reasons or lack of backbone appease them. They will pay for it, here and when they face their Creator. I know the consequence of a godless government. America must have a God-fearing government.

We are living in the middle of humanity's insurrection against God. The insurrection consists of the organized abandonment of God's commandments in the once-Christian Western world and the establishment of a global social and political infrastructure, which is contrary to His order but capable of integrating Christian voters with a toothless Christian understanding. The United States is now spearheading this movement. At the same time, this nation still has a strong moral substance with people committed to reverse the trend into disaster. America will never win the ideological war unless it can defeat the lies that dominate our society. Change must come, but there must be moral change, each person beginning with oneself. Stop lying, make restitution, and stand up for truth. America should be spearheading lasting freedom across the world. Only freedom based on our Constitution and the absolute truth of God can last.

Hilmar von Campe is listed in the 1992 "International Who's Who of Intellectuals" of the International Biographical Center in Cambridge, England. He is the author of "Defeating the Totalitarian Lie: A Former Hitler Youth Warns America." Having grown up under the Nazis, he offers a unique perspective on the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. He warns that there are many similarities between the Nazi society and America of today.

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