by Moody Adams
Sunday, I spent three hours preaching and debating the Gospel in the world's foremost debate center, Speaker's Corner in London's Hyde Park.

When George Orwell, and William Morris spoke here public riots broke out in the park in 1855 in protest over the Sunday Trading bill which forbade buying and selling on a Sunday, the only day working people had off. The riots were described by Karl Marx as the beginning of the English revolution.

Cromwell's corpse was hung up here in a cage for public display, after he had died, as a warning to others who might wish to abolish the Monarchy.

Speaker's Corner is perhaps the most dynamic mirror of human consciousness in the world. It is a dynamic refection of mass psychology in that you have people from every walk of life, every class, and almost every country.

I had a fierce debate on the deity of Christ and the Holy Trinity. The Muslim's choke on the idea of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and the "one God." I told them I only had one family that consists of four people. When they said Jesus could not have beeen God because He Prayed to the Father. I said my son asks me for things in our "one family."

I countered by attacking the Koran's teachings that: slaves are a gift from Allah, men should beat their wives and that all who believe Jesus is the Son of God are infidels and infidels should be killed.

These people deceive many when no one is there to speak for Christ. As Paul said, "I am set for the defence of the gospel" (Phillipians 1:7).

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