by Dave Hunt
Incredibly, John Hagee, in a letter dated May 12, 2008, to Bill Donohue, president
of the Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights, "apologized for calling the
Roman Catholic Church 'the apostate church' and 'the great whore.'" But that's what
Luther and all the Reformers called it in keeping with God's Word! Nor was this
a recent off-the-cuff remark but a consistent declaration over many years. In a
shameful "about-face," Hagee declared, "I want to express my deep regret for any
comments that Catholics have found hurtful." Isn't Christ a "rock of offence" (Rom
9:33) and His cross an "offence" to unbelievers? Must we apologize for offending
with the truth? Must we withhold the truth of the gospel to avoid offending those
who need it? Isn't the Bible (not the hurt feelings of sinners)our unchangeable

Let's be honest-Hagee's apology that denied the truth was political fence-mending
by "one of John McCain's highest profile supporters from the religious right." It
was not for the sake of Christ but for the presidential hopes of McCain. In apologizing,
Hagee called the use of these terms in Revelation "a rhetorical device long employed
in anti-Catholic literature and commentary." Now he must apologize to the Lord for
calling "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him" (Rv 1:1) "anti-Catholic rhetoric"! It is only fitting that on May 22 McCain distanced himself from Hagee, who then withdrew his endorsement.

Instead of remaining true to Christ's commands, many of today's church leaders teach
and practice "Christianity" as though the Great Commission were, "Go into all the
world and try to find as much agreement with the major religions as possible, being
careful not to criticize any 'faith,' but join with them in ecumenical union to
abolish poverty, hunger, and disease." That sounds so appealing and it seems such
a worthy cause that entire denominations have been swallowed up by this satanic

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