School officials in Burlington Township, New Jersey staged a drill for a mock attack on a school by "members of a right-wing fundamentalist group called 'The New Crusaders,' who don't believe in the separation of church and state." The mock gunmen went to the school seeking justice "because the daughter of one had been expelled for praying before class,” writes Jay Sekulow. “Many Christian students were outraged by the school's mockery of their religious beliefs. Parents and other members of the community are equally offended by the school's anti-Christian animosity. Frankly, this kind of anti-Christian bigotry by school officials is despicable and is not related in any way to the legitimate purposes of a hostage drill. In fact, the Constitution forbids public school officials from demonstrating this kind of open hostility towards religious beliefs with which they disagree.”

In another attack on Christianity Mary Grabar wrote an article in defense of prostitution, entitled “The Letter “A,” Spitzer, and the Misrepresentation of Puritanism.” In it she blames a negative attitude toward prostitutes on Puritan Christians.

Legal and ethical scholar Martha Nussbaum, whose feminist “caring” ethic fills college anthologies, begins an Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial, “Eliot Spitzer, one of the nation’s most gifted and dedicated politicians, was hounded into resignation by a Puritanism and mean-spiritedness that are quintessentially American.” She then expresses her “caring” for “sex workers”—the latest group of the oppressed in the Marxist universe of the American university. Our more prestigious campuses now host an annual sex workers show. “Sex workers,” unlike us “word workers” who toil at grading papers, were paid good money for their performances.

Newsweek ran the oddest attack on Christianity by Christopher Dickey yesterday. It accuses Christians of provoking a peaceful religion—Islam—into violence and killing by running a cartoon on Muhammad, creating a true video on the bloody teachings of the Koran and baptizing a former Mulim into the Catholic church. After portraying Muslims as extremely moderate, he contrasts them with the provocative Christians “What to say about a politician reminiscent of Goldmember in an Austin Powers film who claims the Qur’an should be banned like Adolph Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”? No Dutch television network will show his little movie, so he released it on the Internet this week, reportedly drawing 2 million paid viewers in the first three hours.” Newsweek then accuses Finland of republishing a cartoon that produced riots in several countries. It is a great stretch to portray Muslims as moderate and Christians as evil and to blame Christians for provoking Muslims to kill.

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