by Moody Adams
AIDS has killed more than 30 million people in the last quarter century and the International Aids Conference, and there is a call for a new focus on HIV prevention through behavior change.

The epidemic has turned into a multi-million dollar fund raising scheme. Millions go into research for find a drug to cure AIDS when scientist know the disease is constantly mutating which leaves little chance for a cure. Millions more go into treatment which keeps infected people alive longer and enable them to infect more people before they die.

Virtually all AIDS is self inflicted. The spread could be stopped tomorrow if people quit engaging in adultery, sodomy, and IV drug use. But if they did the industry’s fund raising would dry up just as quickly.

Lawrence Altman writes, "While the world awaits findings from new AIDS prevention trials, millions of people are becoming infected because governments are overlooking studies showing that behavior modification works, AIDS experts said."

Government officials are not doing what they could in most cases because these proven helps are not “popular.”

Two years ago, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention broke with past policy and called for routine HIV testing among teens and adults up to age 65. The goal was to identify more of the estimated 250,000 people who are unaware they are infected. But the funding was not made available. Why? Because this would make criminals of infected people who continued having sex.

Returning to laws against sodomy for homosexuals and heterosexuals because anal intercourse is the surest way to spread AIDS. But this is not “Popular.”

Three studies have found that circumcising adult men can cut their risk of HIV infection by 60%, and avert an estimated 3 million deaths by 20264. But no country has succeeded in enforcing this because it is not popular.
In the UK, after an initial decline in sexually transmitted diseases among men who have sex with men, infection rates are rising again. But this would discriminate against a deviant life style.

With 7,000 new HIV infections a day, we will not treat our way out of AIDS.

And so the money keeps rolling in and the people keep dying.

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