by David Kaya
In Zale there was a Witch Doctor who lived near the church where BSI meet every week end for a lesson the witch doctor shrine and the student prayed so that the witch would live that location but soon after the prayers in two weeks the witch left the location and moved to a city where news came that he has got saved. Power of prayers can change any body in this world.

Testimony from Dima: The student in conjunctions with the First Baptist church held a conference on the 20th July which brought in 721 people from three countries, 194 got saved at the conference. Many people revived their faith in Christ. One man who was under demon power was set free after the students prayed for him for five hours in the church. One person who was HIV got saved and he talked to the pastors about his status and asked the church to keep praying for him as struggle with the situation.

Henry Vuyaya: As I write there is a church planting going on with the church of Kureku at a new site of Asisi. Prayer request for the Lord of harvest to bring many into his home.

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