The Gospel has the power to change lives permanently; to make lasting converts. The following letter is one from an outstanding man who has built a great church and a great Christian school:

Thank you Moody Adams! I too, had a life changing experience with Jesus way back in the 1960s in Gainesville, Florida when you preached a revival there. I think it was 1967. God convicted my life when you were preaching a message on the crucifixion of Christ. I had received Christ at the age of 9, but as the years went by I started to live a life that wasn't pleasing to God. It was in this revival when I was 15 that God broke through to me during your message and I rededicated my life to Christ and fully committed my life to Him.

Later when I was 24 God called me to preach. My wife and I went to Liberty Baptist College in 1976 and prepared for the ministry. We stayed there and graduated from Liberty Baptist Seminary in 1983. At that point we entered the ministry and have served the Lord since then. I thank God for you brother Moody. Your life and ministry touched me and helped inspire me to serve the Lord.
Keep preaching and inspiring young men and women to serve God! We love you.

Pastor and Mrs. Bill Keith
Otter Creek Baptist Church
Otter Creek, Florida

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