by Moory Adams
Russia has risen from years of peacefulness to storm into the neighboring country of Georgia, reviving her history of evil. This has created new interest of those who study the Bible.

Ezekiel 38 prophecies about a country to the uttermost part of the north of Israel (vs. 15) which has to be Russia.

Vs. 10 says she will think an “evil thought.”

Vs. 5 says she will ally with Persia (the ancient name of Iran), Ethiopia and Libya, which is coming to pass.

Vs. 15 says she will build an army that cover the land like a cloud. Russia, with her new found wealth from gas and oil, has built the most power military she has ever possessed.

Vs. 15 says that force, with her allies, will march against Israel. Russia’s present sentiments are with Iran and the other enemies of Israel.

Vs. 16 says these things will take place in the “latter days,” or the last days before Christ returns.

The stage is being set for the fulfillment of these things.

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