by Moody Adams
As Israel prepares for a gigantic war drill, Infrastructure Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer said, “Israel will "destroy" Iran if they launch a war against the Jewish state.

He told reporters if “Iran continues to aggravate the situation by supplying arms to Syria and Hezbollah, and we must deal with this."

Israel's war drill is the country's largest-ever, aiming to prepare the public and government and army institutions for the possibility of a future war. As part of the drill, Israel will simulate a massive missile bombardment, including a chemical missile attack. This is to test its warning system and preparedness.

"In a future war, it will be much safer to live in (the northern towns of) Nahariya and Shlomi instead of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, since I expect that in the opening attack hundreds of missiles will strike Israel," Eliezer said. "There will be no place in the country which is not within range of Syria and Hezbollah's rockets."

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